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Kimberly Wallace of Southern Magnolia Media Honored As 2024 Woman Business Owner of the Year & #3 Business Person of the Year in North America.  

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Kimberly Wallace of Cornelius, NC Competed With 200,000 + Nominees In Alignable’s North American Business Person Of The Year 2024

​BOSTON, MA: March 5, 2024 -- Alignable’s 2024 Local Business Person Of The Year Contest reached unparalleled participation levels, logging a whopping 309,000+ votes, 64,000+ recommendations, and an unheard of number of local winners – over 5,100 across the U.S. and Canada.

The largest online networking platform for business owners, invited its 8.7 million+ members to shout-out local business leaders who’ve gone above and beyond guiding peers and supporting entire communities, amid challenging economic conditions.

​Today, Alignable’s network of 8.7 million small business owners have chosen Kimberly Wallace of Southern Magnolia Media as the #3 North American Business Person Of 2024, #1 North American Woman Owned Business of the Year and the #1 Local Business Person of the Year for Cornelius, NC.

​Wallace competed with 125,000+ nominees, emerging victorious after 309,000 + votes and over 64,000 testimonials were reviewed. In fact, her specific national ranking is #3 in North America and is considered a Business Owner SUPERSTAR, based on votes and testimonials from her peers and the entire Alignable network spanning 8.7 million+ members. 

During the 2024 contest, which ran from Jan. 8 to Feb. 23, 2024, 5,171 business owners emerged as winners (including ties), across 4,820 communities. That’s an increase of 1,195 additional Local Business People Of 2024 compared to 2023.

These leaders were commended for helping their peers and communities through a year with many challenges, including rising interest rates and rents, not to mention skyrocketing supply costs. 


309,000+ Votes & 64,000+ testimonials

​Supporting Each Other is Key

​“In the world of small business, you get back what you give,” said Wallace. “Offering free marketing advice and directing struggling peers to their path feels great in the moment, but when they succeed and thank you later, there’s no better feeling. That’s pretty much what many of us experienced exponentially during this contest and I can’t thank my supporters enough for the gift they've given back to me. At the end of the day, isn't that what we're supposed to do in life? Help others? ” -Wallace

When Wallace was asked how it felt being the #1 North American Woman Owned Business of the Year, she stated, "Being a female business owner in 2024 is an exhilarating journey filled with endless possibilities and opportunities. Gone are the days of conforming to outdated stereotypes and societal expectations. Instead, we are encouraged to embrace our femininity and all the unique qualities that make us who we are. As a female business owner, you have the power to revolutionize industries, break glass ceilings, and inspire others with your innovative ideas and unwavering determination. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you need to act like others to succeed because your authenticity is your superpower. I encourage all women to go out there, seize the day, and show the world what it truly means to be a fearless female entrepreneur in this exciting era of limitless potential with class and grace."

Wallace isn't new to being recognized by her community, she has been a Top Mover & Shaker for many years. She has won Local Business Person of the Year for 5 years straight and in 2022 had the #5 spot in the US. In 2023 she ranked #2 in North America. Wallace is known for making owners feel at ease and trusting with her infinite knowledge of marketing and Southern demeanor. In order to achieve her goals, she implements a plan and works hard. Tammy Jordan with Arise Plumbing stated, “Not only did Kimberly change her business, but she changed her life”. Wallace and other Top Business Owners have received special badges on their Alignable profiles, recognizing their contributions. In past years, the awareness generated through similar contests has helped drive additional connections, prospects, and new business for many winners. But chances are good that the new top distinction could draw even more acclaim for these altruistic business owners."

Driving Recognition  & Relationships are Important

“Our members can't stop raving about how this contest supercharged the relationships within their networks, which have sparked referrals, ignited fresh business opportunities, and fueled an unstoppable wave of mutual support," said Eric Groves, CEO and Co-Founder of Alignable. “Small business owners are the vibrant heartbeat of their communities, and it's high time they got the recognition they deserve. With over 64,000 recommendations pouring in from this year's contest, it's crystal clear: when small business owners unite, they become an unstoppable force."

To arrange interviews with Kimberly Wallace and/or an Alignable representative, please contact Chuck Casto at He also can offer JPEGs and other visuals, as well as local winner testimonials. 

About Southern Magnolia Media

​Southern Magnolia Media is a Digital Marketing Agency that assists business owners with their online presence. Its services include Google Business Profile Optimization, Community & Relationship Marketing, Branding and Social Media Management.  Kimberly is known through Alignable for her Southern charm in everything she does and makes you feel like family. She offers a free 30 minute consultation to develop a pathway to your success. For more information, you can contact Kimberly at &

What People Say About Kimberly

"Kimberly is great! She is the best with customer service, customizing her programs to your needs and being very detail oriented. She always strives to meet your needs! She has my vote." - Mark T

"I love having colleagues who have that never-quit attitude and figure out new paths to success. When they find them, they love sharing them with others -- clients or not -- to cheer on the successes they help to develop. And heaven knows, with today's business climate, we'll all have plenty of opportunities to practice that! Kimberly does all of this with such positivity, joy and grace. She truly just loves seeing others succeed." -Barbara W.


"Highly recommend Ms. Kimberly she cares about each individual customer she provides service to. Very committed, professional and hands on great customer service." -Petra S. Ashley's Angels

"Kimberly Wallace has a niche that serves her (and her customers) well... connecting businesses with their ideal customers through Social Media. Sounds simple, but if you've been a small business owner (or even a large one) for very long, you KNOW that Social Media marketing is anything BUT simple! That's why Kimberly does what she does... It's her jam! Let her help YOU!" -Sarah C., Health & Wellness Advocate


​”Absolutely love Kimberly's passion for collaborations that make a positive impact on communities. That spirit is surely a win for any business that connects for her media services."   -Faith A,  AFU Solutions: Empowering & Protecting Small Business | Legal | Health & Wellness 

"Kimberly's team provides a personal touch to your branding. The strive to connect businesses with their ideal customers through social media. They help you work on your business so that you have time to work in your business. Happy to vote for Cornelius's 2024 Local Business Person of the Year." -Kevin N., Yew Tree Properties


"Kimberly immediately gave me recommendations on how to promote my business, w/o me asking for them, and she did not invoice me; very friendly and helpful". -Nina P., NP Financial

"Looking forward to collaborating with such a friendly warm person. I'm voting for Kimberly because she's forward thinking and always ready to help. Sincerely, Tonya Grant & The Freedom Team"

​About Alignable

​ is the largest online referral network for small businesses in the U.S. and Canada. With 8.7 million members across 35,000+ communities, Alignable is the network where small business owners come together. Whether you’re connecting with local small businesses, meeting peers in your industry, or finding a catalyst who will introduce you to their network, Alignable is where businesses connect and change their business trajectory.  

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Southern Magnolia Media #3 North American Business Person of the Year
Southern Magnolia Media Cornelius Business Person of the Year
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