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Gratitude Marketing

How to create clients for life.

Just for a moment, let’s put aside all the chatter about segmented audiences, testing, analytics, buyer personas, and the other tools of the marketing professional’s trade.

Let’s instead get back to a basic concept—showing gratitude—which is arguably the single most effective marketing tactic ever used to get referrals.

Showing gratitude has the power to:

  • make clients feel not only appreciated but also recognized, special, and downright good;

  • associate that good feeling with the benefactor (i.e., you) who instilled it in them;

  • improve the benefactor’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being;

  • trigger the principle of reciprocity, where one person feels a duty to return a favor or kindness. 

Finding a way to show gratitude to clients is what gratitude marketing is all about: it’s the sincere efforts made by a business to tell their clients that they are genuinely valued. Southern Magnolia Media's Gratitude Plans can consist of texts, emails, cards, gifts or memorable experiences. We can put together a plan that will benefit the business and make all of your customers happy. We can educated the business or we can do it for you. Contact us today and let's chat!

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