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"We bring your business into light."

Southern Magnolia Media online marketing with a splash of Southern Charm. We're located in the heart of the South and LOVE working with small business owners with their Google Business Profile, Social Media Optimization/Management, Gratitude Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and Community Marketing. Our team of innovators add a personal touch to your branding.  We make your brand, YOU. Our main goal is to connect businesses with their ideal customers through social media platforms and Google. We feel it's all about your target community, whether it's just in your town, your state, or across the US. We handle it for you, so you can run your business. Contact Southern Magnolia Media and let us help you start your success today. 

Anyone who plans to start a business, or who already has one, should serously think about having digital professionals to assist them. As a business owner, you can run your business more effectively while a professional with years of experience can turn your vision into a reality. Social Media is a powerful and inexpensive advertising tool that can be used to expand your business locally or across the county. We offer coaching classes to teach you how to handle your own business social media or we do it for you. Either way, contact Southern Magnolia Media today and let us assist you on your journey to success, by bringing your business into light.

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Southern Magnolia Media #3 North American Business Person of the Year
Southern Magnolia Media Cornelius Business Person of the Year

Our Unique Approach

While most professional businesses incorporate digital marketing in some capacity, only a select few truly maximize the potential of this invaluable tool. Through our specialized expertise in digital and social media marketing, we help you tap into online communities to boost your brand, connect with your target audience, gather feedback, establish trust, and foster brand loyalty. Our dedicated team stays ahead of industry changes, targets quality followers, crafts unique posts, manages customer interactions and reviews, communicates directly with your target clientele, and creates loyal advocates for your brand. Leave the digital marketing to us so you can focus on your business.

STEP 1 - Google Management

Southern Magnolia Media takes care of every aspect of Google Management and customer growth through the set up and management of Google Business Profile program, and the encouragement of natural listing results. Google is a powerhouse in the world of digital marketing and we manage every program to capitalize upon this exposure; from the custom web design to social media posts, with Google requirements in mind.

Southern Magnolia Media Google Management.png
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STEP 2 – Social Media Management

Social Media Management + Custom Graphics + Unique Posts

We tackle the ever changing, demanding, and constant responsibilities of social media marketing. We team the geolocation marketing found through Google based programs with the reach and interaction of assorted social media platforms to reach more of your target market. We continue to encourage customer growth and interaction through custom graphics and posts, promotions, and customer review management.

STEP 3 – Targeted Market Growth

Targeted Customer Marketing + Review Management

Southern Magnolia Media’s primary goal is to expand your reach to targeted clientele, increase interactions, and expand client loyalty. We do “EVERYTHING DIGITAL” for you. We manage every aspect of your digital marketing program, including Google marketing, social media marketing, online security, review management, and customer outreach, to optimize your customer base. We simply introduce to a massive market so that your business can grow.

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"We've been working with Southern Magnolia on projects for about 10 years and we've never been disappointed. They are the top-rated digital marketing agency in Charlotte North Carolina and are Google Business geniuses." -Steven A.

"I can't say enough about this company. Kim always seems to know the right thing to do and she does it. Looking for a trustworthy & compassionate company, this is the company for you."

Max C.

"Kimberly is the go to person for Google business profile. Highly recommended!"

Dr Cephus E Simmons Sr

Simmons Medical Devices, LLC

"Kim handles the social media marketing for all of our wrestling events and we always have a great crowd. She is easy to work with, fun and trustworthy."

John C.

"Kim is joy to work with! Very professional, always available and she makes it very easy for those of us who are technology challenged to keep up!"

Lisa M.

“Kimberly constantly reaches out to Alignable members offering to help their business with her marketing agency. She has charm and class. A real benefit to her community”

Richard Poirier - Author

"Kim was very kind and was more than willing to answer all of my stupid questions. I highly recommend her."

Kyran Mcshaw

Courie-Up & Drive

"Kimberly is very Professional!! Does a great job marketing your business or product ."

Joe Bullock

Unique Services

"Kimberly goes above and beyond for her customers giving personalized -genuine-sincere- attention- which is missing in a lot of businesses these days! ! Don't miss an opportunity with Kimberly you will regret! Mary "

Mary Shelton

Author of Silence Isn't Golden

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