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The Dos and Don’ts of Social Media for Small Businesses

Social media platforms are constantly evolving, making it difficult for infrequent users to stay on top of etiquette and best practices. Social media platforms have unwritten rules of usage that apply to each platform. Defying one of those rules can leave a negative impression on your audience and look unprofessional.

Here are some do’s and don’ts for social media small business users.

Don’t like your own posts

Liking your own post could cost you followers and interactions in the future. Although your content may be great, liking your posts tells users that your content is getting such low engagement that you’re trying to boost the numbers for appearance. This can also show followers that you’re not a frequent social media user and are unaware that this is frowned upon.

Liking your own posts can really hurt your business’ image, so it’s better to have zero likes than one from your page.

Do prioritize your networks

Trying every new social media platform is tempting, but spreading yourself too thin can be dangerous. Start by focusing on the social networks where you know your customers are!

Spend the bulk of your time on these platforms, and once you’ve established a presence, you can consider experimenting with new ones. The big three networks include Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn — provide quality posts and content and these three networks are valuable no matter your industry.

Don’t write in all caps

Caps are visually alarming and your audience with thinking you are mad or yelling at them! Caps however can be useful when writing social media posts — reserve using caps for occasional single-word emphasis, when you want to highlight the importance of that word.

Like this — you should NEVER write your social media post in all caps!

Do keep business and personal separate

It helps to keep business and personal separate, especially when you’re building a brand. Be consistent with the type of content you share on your business page(s), and make it clear that it is a business profile and not a personal account.

Throwing personal touches into your business posts is still encouraged, but posting life updates on your business page can confuse consumers about what your business or your page actually is.

Don’t spam users with posts

Mass posting across platforms multiple times a day, or posting to one platform multiple times a day is spamming. No one wants their social media feed filled up by one account, and spamming can lead to a loss of followers rather than gaining more.

Not only will you lose followers, but the social platforms you are spamming on will limit the reach of your content.

It can be challenging to use social media effectively to promote your business. By following these dos and don’ts, you can grow your following and engagement across all platforms!

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Written by, Becca Bieda.

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