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Whether you are looking to establish a social media presence or trying to do more with the one you have, our social media marketing packages will deliver results at a price you can afford.

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It’s More Than Just Posting.

Here’s the deal, social media has become a part of daily life for more than 2 billion people. If you’re not liked on Facebook, trending on Twitter or sharing pictures on Instagram, your business is…Well, unfortunately behind the times.

However, effective social media marketing is about much more than just posting. It’s about understanding your audience. It’s about creating a strategy. It’s about recognizing opportunity and executing when it counts. Our team lives and breaths social, we know what it takes to achieve results and we put our passion into each one of our social media marketing plans.

Marketing your business should be easy. It shouldn’t take convincing your 16-year-old “intern” that social media marketing is more than posting a couple of funny videos once or twice a month, let alone getting them to understand the complexities involved with social media advertising.

Our social media marketing experts have years of experience to get your business results. No more second-guessing your strategic approach or wondering if all the time you are putting into creating thought-provoking posts is paying off or providing any tangible results.

We understand. The digital age has changed everything, and businesses are still trying to play catch up and figure out what that means for their success. One thing is for certain: You need social media in order to effectively communicate with thousands of potential customers online. Nowadays, 2 out of every 3 American adults have a social media account, and there are over 2 billion social media accounts worldwide. It can’t be avoided. And that means that you must have some sort of strategy in place to help capture that market.

Southern Magnolia Media is here to help give your social media presence a boost. We know how hard it can be navigating between choosing which platforms are best for your business, what kind of content to post, dissecting the data, and understanding how to make changes to improve your presence month over month.

Take a look at our different packages. You don't see one that completely fits you and your business? We can custom build one for your specific needs. SEO pricing is based on your needs. Contact us for more information. 

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