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JB's Biz Beckett Financial Group Is Up 20% Due To Networking, Relationships & Contests

Apr 13th, 2023

Welcome to Alignable's Second Member Success Spotlight interview.

This time, we're featuring one of the most popular members in our network: JB Beckett of Beckett Financial Group in W. Columbia, SC, who also happens to be Alignable's No. 1 Business Person Of 2023 based on the fact that he received more votes than anyone else in this year's annual contest.

In our short, 7-minute video, JB and I cover a lot of ground, but it all really comes down to this: the best networking strategy at Alignable is to build meaningful relationships with genuine, caring individuals.

As JB tells us, this approach -- which really just comes from who he is as a person and a business owner -- blossomed during several of our contests over the past few years.

Networking On Steroids: Contest-Style

As many of you who've participated in the contests know, I liken these annual events to Networking On Steroids, since they give many members a wonderful (and much-appreciated) excuse to praise and reconnect with the people who have helped them the most.

This praise comes in the form of votes, nominations, and testimonials, which later translate into wins and recommendations.

Beyond the contests, JB networks year-round with members who've identified him as a past winner, or others who've heard about him and his services from other Alignable contacts.

As JB tells us, his profession is focused on financial advice and retirement planning, but his "side gig" and hobby is...NETWORKING.

As the person who received the highest number of contest votes across North America in 2023, his side gig sure seems to be paying off! Here's a link to a story describing JB's big win this year, in case you didn't have a chance to read it.

Alignable's Most-Famous Member Could Be!

In the video you're about to see, I tell JB that he might be the most famous member on Alignable right now. And though it's funny to say, I'm not really kidding. Everyone I know who has connected with JB -- and that number is in the hundreds -- thinks very highly of him.

Oh, and through this "hobby" and his helpful, giving personality, JB conservatively estimates that his business has increased by 20% -- and it continues to become more successful every week. So, please watch JB's spotlight feature for several great network-boosting, business-driving tips:

Visibility + Credibility = Profitability

One other big takeaway from this video is the equation JB mentioned: "Your visibility plus your credibility equals your profitability."

That's a great quote to keep in mind, as you go forth and forge new relationships with potential clients or referral partners -- or as you become a client for someone else on Alignable or a referral partner for others here.

Whether or not you're connected to JB already, please reach out to him here and also post some shout-outs below.

He's an avid newsletter reader and I wouldn't be surprised if he responded to everyone who posts something in the comment section below this story. (HINT: That kind of interaction is where great networking on Alignable often begins). Thanks again for reading and watching.

And if you have a success story you want to share, please send it to me here: I'm in the process of booking more of these segments and I'd love to hear from you.

Have a great week and please go here to sign up for some Smart Connect℠ events. This next week will elevate networking to new heights and I'd love for each and every one of you to benefit from it.

As Head of PR & a former SMB owner himself, Chuck Casto is a small business crusader. He’s deeply invested in letting national media and social influencers know what’s really happening on Main Street. From promoting our polls, to running contests celebrating member achievements, to writing advice columns, Chuck's one of our chief storytellers. Before Alignable, he led branding, PR & social campaigns for companies from Haagen-Dazs to Harley-Davidson & Wendy’s to Wayfair. Prior to PR, Chuck was a TV reporter in NY, and an editor for local Gannett newspapers. Chuck holds a B.A. from Brown & an M.S.J. from Northwestern.

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