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Social Media Marketing


Transform your business with a leading Social Media Marketing agency. Social Media Marketing integrates and develops concepts that will capture the attention of users through social media sites and apps. Each social media platform encompasses its own unique strengths. Our Social Media Marketing gurus know exactly how to evaluate your client base and your brand to find the most successful platform for your brand. We alter and update your strategy to grow alongside the ever-evolving technology landscape.

Account Management

Social media moves quickly and any reputable brand must keep up. We offer constant, full-service Social Media Management. We develop your social media presence with high-quality content and consistent activity. We manage on-going engagement by identifying and responding to customers in a timely manner, as it is vital to social media marketing success. Southern Magnolia Media observes and analyzes the conversations revolving around your brand in order to reach the right people at the right time. 

Account Monitoring

Our team works diligently to find the latest Social Media Management and Monitoring tools to make sure our efforts are exceeding your goals. We closely monitor your social media campaigns, engagement, post popularity, your competitors, and so much more. Monitoring your brand’s social media platform also allows us to examine the habits of your target audience to improve targeting. Our team will work with you to set goals and deliver custom reports that help you see what’s needed to meet those goals. 

Social Branding

A key component of social media marketing is branding. Social media branding is about consistently using the best methods to engage with your target audience on social media platforms. Social media branding components include selecting the best platform for social media marketing, building the right networks, providing quality content, influencing your audience, and maintaining consistency. Through these components, we ensure that you attract followers and connections matching the demographics, interests, and behaviors of your customers. 

Social Media Content

Compelling content fuels us, and we stay on top of the latest updates in the field of social media marketing. Southern Magnolia Media provides the best work possible and creates high quality, sharable content around your customized, but a defined audience. Whether it be a visually enticing image or an informational article, the best content is valuable, consistent, and relevant to your brand. Engaging content will encourage your customers to make purchases and share their experiences with their friends on social media. 

Social Media Advertising

While our Social Media Marketing experts offer an organic approach to build your presence, to speed up the process, and further define your target audience, you may choose to allocate an advertising budget. Many of your competitors are starting to tap into the enormous ROI social media ads deliver. What’s stopping you from doing the same? Southern Magnolia Media can set up, manage, and optimize campaigns for any social platform. Our Social Media Advertising services are proven to expedite growth. 

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